After Hours 

After Hours will transport you through their hot jazz, blues and swing. The band is led by the charmingly enigmatic Hannah Gill, who imbues each song with her own concoction of melancholy and euphoria that will delight you at every turn. The band seamlessly incorporates elements of Dixieland, swing, Parisian cabaret, and gut bucket blues into one alluring musical performance. Together with guitarist Brad Hammonds, violinist Zach Brock, bassist Jason DiMatteo and trumpet player Danny Jonokuchi, After Hours creates a world where jazz is alive and well in New York City.

"The direct links to jazz greats such as Billie Holiday are evident.”

-- Lilledeshan Bose, MySpace Exclusive (Jan 19, 2015)

Brazz Tree

NYC-based violin/guitar duo Brazz Tree continues to astound and endear audiences across the country with their brand of music: New World Acoustic Rock. Though it draws on traditional forms born in places as far-flung as Ireland and India, their Music remains firmly rooted in the exuberant, questing ethos of the New World. Since they began touring in 2004, Brazz Tree has traveled extensively throughout the U.S. and the Netherlands playing colleges and universities, theaters, clubs, art centers, church coffeehouses, house concerts and libraries.


Hannah Gill & The Hours

Hannah Gill & The Hours combines 70s lo-fi pop and rock with contemporary soul and blues and transforms them into sweet and sultry songs that overflow with feeling. Steered by soulful 19-year old vocal powerhouse and songwriter Hannah Gill combined with skilled guitarist, songwriter and arranger Brad Hammonds, the group offers up music with contagious melodies and wise lyrics. Each song presents a thrilling story about how humans connect through their experiences that reveals the intrepid singer’s intimate perspectives on love, loss, longing, hope and transformation. Gill’s lush voice, Hammonds’ sparkling fretwork and both members’ background in improvisational jazz give the duo’s hypnotic recordings and dynamic live performances otherworldly gravity. Hannah Gill & The Hours’ debut EP, The Water, is now available via iTunes.

"A sublime, surprising, bristling and hearty stew of Irish lyricism, daredevil jazz aerobatics and punk rock moxie.....both the elegance and the energy are off the chain."

-- Greg Tate, Village Voice

Brass Against the Machine